Beautiful Women We Love : Alexis Ren

【動画】(実は現在、渡辺直美さんより3.6百万人多い)インスタ女王、アレクシスに10の質問 「#彼女とデートなう。に使っていいよ」

 インスタグラムのフォロワーが1000万人を超えるモデル、Alexis Ren(アレクシス・レン)。世界中にファンをもつ彼女の魅力に迫ります!
 今回、10の質問をアレクシスにぶつけました。映像から溢れだすキュートで美しい彼女の姿をご覧ください! 彼女の色気にノックダウンしてしまうことでしょう…。 

Alexis Ren 


MEN’S PLUS:Describe yourself in 3 words.
Alexis Ren: I have just the answer for you. Adaptable, sometimes annoying but lovable.
MEN’S PLUS:What was your must bring item to Japan?
Alexis Ren: Must bring item?  Uh hum! My phone.  I am really bad and lose it a lot...and I break it.
MEN’S PLUS:What is your must take item to US from Japan?
Alexis Ren: Umm! Well,  Halloween is coming up. So, I really wanna be an anime character.  So, I am gonna go and look for a costume.
MEN’S PLUS:We loved your dance with T-Rex for 'Love Magazine'. But, if you had to dance to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Alexis Ren: “Because I am happy, clap along if you...” Yeah-’Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.
MEN’S PLUS:If your life was a song what would be the title?
Alexis Ren:Umm! Probably ‘Life Goes On’
MEN’S PLUS:What is the story behind this Instagram photo?
Alexis Ren:It is for my active line. 'REN Active'. It was really cool. It was shot in a beautiful studio. And I am actually wearing 'REN Active' here. REN Active.com that is the website.
MEN’S PLUS:What is the story behind this?
Alexis Ren:Story behind this. This was 'Coachella' with my friend Emily. It was at a party. We were just having a good time and we both wanted to take a photo so it`s cool.
MEN’S PLUS:Your favorite Instagrammer?
Alexis Ren:I don’t have an exact favorite. I have a lot inspiration accounts I follow. So it just kind of like a photo per se, not just an entire page.
MEN’S PLUS:What are three things you look for in a man?
Alexis Ren:Intellect, humor and he has to be able to listen. Listen!
MEN’S PLUS:If you were to date a Japanese man, where would you want to go?
Alexis Ren:Uuu!  I want him to take me to go and live like a local.
MEN’S PLUS:Last but not least, any message for the 'Mens Plus' readers?
Alexis Ren:Yes! Thank you so much for supporting me. I really appreciated and I won’t let you down!


Photograph / Naoto Hayasaka(Y's C Inc.)
Video / Maho Tomono, Nuran Demir
Text & Edit / Hikaru Sato, Kazushige Ogawa

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